Attracting Tourists With Social Media

If you live in the northeast, like we do, you’re probably counting down the days until Spring right with us. Despite the fact that we’re supposed to get a giant snowstorm tomorrow, I still have warmer weather on the brain. In our area especially, but in general, Spring brings on the tourism season. We’re only about 10 minutes to Lake George and 40 minutes from Saratoga, 2 large tourist destinations in New York. This means just about every business in our area gets a little busier with the influx of tourists and for some, this is when they do all of their business for the year. While we all know social media is important, I wanted to talk about some ways your business can leverage social media to not only increase visibility but also increase sales during tourist season.

  • Encourage Check-Ins at Your Establishment:
    Check-ins will grow page engagement and spread the word about your business simultaneously. A very simple way to do this is to offer a discount for “checking-in” on Facebook. This will not only appear on the customer’s own profile, sharing with any friends and family. This will also increase the “amount of people who have visited” on your Facebook page, increasing credibility.

  • Be Present:
    This may seem like an obvious but, I cannot stress its importance enough. Social is quickly taking over search for where customers get information about a business before visiting. This means it is important for you not only to have great, engaging posts on your profile but, to have accurate information about your business. Instagram becomes very useful in this area, there you can search people who are using local #hashtags and engage with those posts.

  • Promote An Ad To “Anyone In The Area”
    Did you know you can create a Facebook ad and deliver to anyone in an area, as well as anyone traveling to an area? You can create a promotion, event, or even just an awareness ad to promote your business directly to tourists. If you’re looking to drive tourism traffic, this is definitely an effective way to do it.

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  • Respond to comments and reviews quickly:
    Positive or negative, when a customer reviews or comments on your page you need to be engaging and responding. Social media gives us an amazing ability to have one on one communication with a customer after they have left an establishment. It lengthens the relationship you can have with a customer. If someone takes the time to comment or review your business, take the time to thank them. If someone leaves a negative experience, it is imperative you respond quickly. People understand that negative reviews happen, what matters more is how you deal with them. If you’re looking to attract customers who have never been to your business before, you need to put your best foot forward.

  • Create a custom offer for your local customers:
    While it is important to draw in new customers, locals can feel a little neglected during tourist seasons, normally their favorite tables are gone and local spots are full. You can target a Facebook ad directly to people who live in your target area. This means your ad will be delivered to only locals. Offer a special off-menu item if you’re a restaurant or offer a special coupon if you’re a local store. This is the type of advertising will drive customer loyalty and drive sales even in the off season.

This post just scratches the surface of how you can leverage social media. In reality, there is an amount of ways you can use social media to attract more tourists to your business. We hope that by combining some of the tips above, you can increase the amount of sales and people at your business this spring and summer.
Let us know which of these tips you think will work best for your business!