7 Things to Do Before Clicking “Go Live” on Facebook

Most people are enticed by raw honesty and the appeal of experiencing something as it’s occurring. So, it’s no wonder that Facebook Live is a trending way for brands to reach their audiences. In a seven-minute video or a two-hour video, a business can humanize itself, presenting its product or service in a personal and absorbing way.

However, this effect isn’t achieved just by hitting “Go Live” on your status update. In fact, if you want to make a successful live video, it’s vital that you consider a variety of aspects before jumping right in. Without bringing thoughtfulness and preparedness to your video, you’ll likely have at best a bland, forgettable video. At worst, you’ll hurt your brand’s reputation.

If you’re thinking of creating a Facebook Live video, or if you’ve had a negative experience with it in the past, then plan ahead by checking off these 7 items on your Facebook Live video to-do list:

1. Announce Your Video

Building the viewers’ anticipation is important, as well as building awareness! While a spontaneous live video can be exciting or interesting, it also likely means that the audience will be smaller, and it can also take people off guard. Be sure to make a few announcements leading up to going live.

 2. Write a Catchy, Short Description

Right before you start your live video, Facebook will ask you to include a brief description about your video. Don’t just make something up on the fly. Considering your word choice is important, especially when you have limited space. Brainstorm with your colleagues to come up with a description that will draw in viewers and promise content that is original and compelling.

3. Choose a Flattering Camera Angle

As with any interaction with clients or customers, you want to look your best. Before you start the video, ask yourself:

·       At what angle do I want my viewers to see me?

·       Should I use the front or rear-facing camera? Or is this the job for a web-cam or more professional work?

·       Does the background represent my business? Does it look messy or distracting? Does it look too empty?

4. Make Sure You Have a Strong, Dependable Connection.

Nothing is more awkward than a technical difficulty, so don’t ruin your video with a failed connection. Before you start, we highly recommend making your Wi-Fi connection as fail-safe as possible.

5. Plan Your Topic

As with any business presentation or speech, it’s important to go in with a clear, well thought-out plan. Don’t try to wing it or improvise. While being flexible and able to improvise can help your video, those skills alone won’t prevent you from rambling or lacking a purpose. Center your video on your main intention, and select interesting talking points to direct your video. Essentially, consider what it is you’re offering in your live video that no one else is offering and highlight that.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

Nervous to go live? Run through you video as many times as you need to feel confident. You can even change your privacy setting to “Only Me” so that you can make a practice video or two.

While you’re practicing, think through any possible failure scenarios. Think about how you can react if you lose your train of thought, if your technology glitches, or if someone or something interrupts the video. Also, prepare yourself for how you might react to comments. Will you be distracted by them? Will you try to answer comments during the video?

7. Embrace Imperfection

Finally, embrace the fact that your video is not going to be perfect. There’s value in a person talking naturally, in showing your brand’s personality with something real and down-to-earth. Be yourself in the video, but always remember to go into it with a plan.

Facebook Live offers an interesting opportunity to engage with customers and market your brand. Get the most out of your video by preparing beforehand and readying yourself for success

Heather CoxComment