How to Stay Relevant on Twitter in 2018

With rumors of Twitter’s financial setbacks and decreasing usage, businesses may be tempted to pull back on their engagement with their Twitter followers. Often spread thin when it comes to marketing platforms, businesses want to spend their time on what has the most value and benefit for their marketing goals.

So, is Twitter even worth the time and effort in 2018? Ilfusion seems to think so. The author, Tinny, says, “Twitter may be struggling, but it’s still definitely relevant for social media marketing [. . .] Their dedicated user base is reason enough to continue having Twitter as part of your business’ social media marketing strategy. As long as people are still tweeting on Twitter, this simply means your brand should be doing so too.”

With Twitter’s continuing relevance in mind, here are a few ways to ensure that you stay relevant, too.


Research Your Hashtags. Get the most out of your hashtags by researching them first. Before using hashtags in your tweets, check on your chosen hashtags’ frequency and usage. By entering the hashtag into Twitter’s search box, you can review the resulting feed to see if it’s still topical, relevant, frequent, and reaches your intended audience. If it doesn’t fit these characteristics, try a different hashtag.


Post More Frequently than You Think You Should. With seemingly-endless content on Twitter, it’s easy for tweets to get buried and become out of sight, and out of mind. Make sure you stay in real-time by posting on Twitter anywhere from 5-30 times per day, depending on your engagement goals. The more you post, the higher your engagement rises.


Make Your Twitter Engagement Meaningful. Twitter for business is best utilized when people can talk directly to a business. According to “Intro to Twitter for Business”, 85% of small and medium businesses value Twitter as a significant platform for customer service. So, don’t just post with no goal in mind or to simply push and promote your product or service—speak conversationally to your audience and be available to talk to and engage directly with individuals on Twitter.


Create a Twitter List of Influencers. Following industry experts and leaders is important, no matter what platform you’re using. While you can like and follow a social profile, it’s also a great marketing strategy to create your own Twitter list of influencers or subscribe to lists created by others. Through these lists, you can view a feed of the users you’ve added, narrowing down the content to a specific industry.


Use Videos to Advertise Your Business. Impressions from video ads on Twitter grew significantly last year, so using Twitter’s video ads to boost engagement and showcase your business’s story, goals, and values is a great way to enhance your presence on Twitter. Make sure your video is high-quality and engaging to be as effective as possible.


Don’t give up on Twitter too quickly. Every social media platform has its ups and downs and may eventually give way to other, more popular platforms, but it’s important to be aware of what is still truly an effective way to market your business.


Do you still use Twitter for your business? Share with us in the comments about your Twitter marketing strategies.

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